I believe this is my 101st review and I am glad to share it with you.Three years ago, I wrote what I considered a glowing report about Ton's Auto Service. I can continue saying good things. They still have good service and are friendly and helpful. I know they are not the cheapest place to go to but you get what you pay for. When I go in there, I expect to find out what I have to do to get the problem resolved. I don't have the patience to have to keep working with something to figure out eventually what the problem is. To expensiv in the long run and to time consuming. Been there, done that. I also know I am probably paying a little extra for the van that will take me where I need to go while the work is being done and come and get me when it's done. I can live with that, thank you. Depends on what kind of service you want. I have a neighbor who is tight as a turnip when it comes to money which he has plenty of! If he's been there going for years, I am of the opinion that in the long run staying with Tony's has been worth it for me.Let's face it, you take your chances if you don't get something fixed that might need it. They aren't the place that are going to push you to get the work done. I did notice David N's review. If I got a bid from somewhere else that was that much lower, I'd have no problem going back to Tony's and asking the why the difference? Depends on the individual as to how to handle those things. One thing I do appreciate is what they did for me the last time I was in there. I was driving the car and it seemed to chug as I took it through the gears-it's a manual.. Then it was fine as I took it up the 51. the next day it did the same thing and I just barely got it to Tony's. Probably should have had it towed and was thankful I didn't get stuck in the fast lane of the 51 the day before! Since money means nothing to me, LOL, I about passed out when they showed me what was wrong and how much it would cost to repair. The problem was definitely there. I didn't have the money to pay for it. It's not every place that I would ask the owner if he was willing to work with me to pay it off over the next four months. He didn't charge me extra. I really appreciate him working with me as I do need my vehicle for work and he made that possible.My car is getting 30 mpg + again. I'm happy.


I agree with David M. Tony's is fair and honest. Work is done right the first time. They will tell you what they found and what may happen if it's ignored. I was also told once that a noise I heard while may be annoying will not affect the performance in any way and the car had no safety issues. They're not open on Saturdays but, they do have a van to take you to work and pick you up.