Our Team

Danny Guido – Owner | Tony's Service Center

Danny Guido – Owner

In 1982 Danny began his automotive career following in his father’s (Tony) footsteps, taking over the family business that originally started in 1959 at 40th St. and McDowell (some of you may remember us there!) During this time, Danny has worked to earn the prestigious AMI Automotive Degree for Management. At home, Danny and his wife Sue are the parents to two dogs: Buddy the Dachshund and Pedro Gomez the Chihuahua. When asked his dream car, Danny’s answer was…A black F150 named Smoke! Being a native of Phoenix, some of Danny’s favorite things to do are swimming, horse racing and treating his wife like a queen! Three great things you may not know about Danny are that he cries during Julia Roberts movies, he prefers to sit at the little table for Thanksgiving and…his wife is smarter than him!!

Anthony Xavier– Manager and Lead Technician | Tony's Service Center

Anthony Xavier– Manager & Lead Technician

Joined our team over 20 years ago and is still going strong as our lead in the shop. Anthony is originally from the Bay Area in California and his dream vehicle is a 1953 F100 Step Side Pick-Up. Something most people don’t know about Anthony is that he is also a DJ for weddings and events. After he’s done with the work, he enjoys he finds time for scouting, photography, music and cycling.

Moises Pesina – Technician | Tony's Service Center

Moises Pesina – Technician

In 2015 Moises (Mo) joined our team and became a great fit in the shop. Mo found his passion for working on cars when he was 14 and continues to expand his knowledge every year. Born in El Paso, Texas it wasn’t a far move to Phoenix. Mo says his dream car is a 2017 Honda Civic Type-R. For those of you who already know Mo, did you know that he’s an adrenaline junkie? He would like to be a stunt man someday…watch out, we could see him in the movies one day! When he’s not at the shop, Mo enjoys hanging out with family and friends, cookouts, music and walking his dog.

John Schmidt – Technician | Tony's Service Center

John Schmidt – Technician

In 2018 John became a member of our shop team. Born in El Paso, Texas, John’s love of working on cars started when he was 23 and he has continued to expand his knowledge and skills ever since. In his free time, you will still find John in a garage building custom RC cars. One day, John would love to work on and own his dream car, 1989 Ferrari F40. John’s other interest is playing the guitar for 15 years.

Andrew – Apprentice Technician | Tony's Service Center

Andrew – Apprentice Technician

Born and raised in Phoenix, Andrew joined our team in 2018. He began working on cars at the age of 17 and when he’s is not working at the shop, he enjoys reading comic books, drawing and learning about animals. Andrew also achieved his Eagle Scout honor in 2019.

Hans Veldman – Customer Service Driver | Tony's Service Center

Hans Veldman – Customer Service Driver

Around 2004 Hans walked in as a customer and 5 years later, he became an invaluable member of the team. Each time you need a shuttle ride to or from the shop Hans will be the smiling face you meet. Being born in The Netherlands was just the beginning of destinations for Hans before coming to the U.S. He has lived in Denmark, Australia and Indonesia. The dream car Hans would like to drive through our mountains is a 1957 Mercedes 300 SL. When he is not caring for our customers, Hans enjoys taking daytrips, reading and watching movies.